Policy Priorities


Tackle Overcrowding

  • Overcrowded schools are not suitable learning spaces for kids and create serious challenges for educators. Working together, we can secure the construction and expansion investments we’ve known Ward 3’s schools  have needed for years.

Support Curricular Excellence

  • DC is updating approaches to teaching literacy and working to deliver long-overdue Social Studies standards. Let’s pursue investments in these initiatives to help teachers grow bright readers and engaged citizens. Supporting our students with research-based instruction is key to helping them succeed as 21st  century learners.

Empower Teachers

  • Let’s let teachers know we have their backs, by promoting an education system that’s less top-heavy and  bureaucratic, allowing them to grow as professionals and respond to the uniqueness of their classrooms. Teachers know their students best and must have the tools, resources, and support to innovate to meet students’ needs.

Ensure Adequate Funding

  • Schools continue to be one of the most important investments our city can make in its long-term success  and sustainability. Ensuring that schools have the funding they need to support all students is essential to  helping all kids to thrive and unlock postsecondary success.

Expand Pre-K

Fight for special and dyslexia needs

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